The ultimate guide to visit Nepal: everything you need to know

On January 2018 I started a three months experience in Nepal. The first two months were a volunteer experience in Chitwan and Pokhara and I had the third month free to trek and discover the country on my own.

My volunteer was organised from Spain and that’s why when I arrived to Kathmandu my coordinator gave me a lot of preciously useful information about what I may encounter, how to behave and a few basic words in the Nepali language. Of course, everyday I completed these insights with what I lived and learnt from them.

I highly value this information and knowledge, which is extremely helpful for tourists, volunteers or any kind of visitors. That’s why I assembled a basic guide about Nepal for everyone wanting to visit the country: ‘The ultimate guide to visit Nepal: everything you need to know’. It contains:

I also have several posts on what to do around the country, do check them!

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